Who We Are

Our Mission

We are a team of passionate filmmakers who believe in the power of storytelling. With a focus on documentaries, we travel the world to capture compelling stories that connect us all. Our award-winning productions have been recognized for their excellence and authenticity, and we are dedicated to continuing to create impactful content that inspires and informs audiences. Join us on our journey as we uncover the beauty and complexity of the human experience through the lens of our cameras.

Arnoldas Alubauskas

Arnoldas Alubauskas is a highly talented documentary filmmaker from Lithuania. He studied at Newport Film School and honed his skills to produce award-winning productions. His acclaimed film, “Twogether,” earned him a prestigious Royal Television Society Award. Alubauskas’ latest work, “Humans Don’t Come with Instructions,” showcases his unique approach to filmmaking, which blends archival video editing with philosophical insights and absurdity. His films capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience, while shedding light on important issues affecting our world. Alubauskas’ innate curiosity and deep appreciation for the art of storytelling continues to push the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, inspiring and entertaining audiences with his captivating works.

John Robert Lee

John Robert Lee is a passionate documentary filmmaker hailing from Hampshire, UK. He has a strong desire to tell human stories that inspire empathy and understanding. Lee’s documentary, “Not For Money, Not For Love, Not For Nothing,” is a powerful exploration into the lives of sex workers and has been screened at festivals all over the world, winning awards and critical acclaim. One jury described it as a “compelling portrait that goes beyond the usual sex worker stereotypes” and “totally entrancing.” Lee’s commitment to telling stories that challenge stereotypes and reveal the complexities of the human experience is evident in his work. As a producer of “Humans Don’t Come with Instructions,” Lee continues to create thought-provoking films that inspire audiences to see the world in a new light.